Other Ways To Listen

Other Ways To Listen

We know that whilst some people will be happy to use the player on the website, other people will have different software and devices which they want to use. On this page we will provide you with all of the links that you'll need to listen to PDL using your favourite player.

HTML5 Player

The player on the main website uses your browsers in built HTML5 player, it just has some extra code written to control it and make it look different. This means that it should work with any modern web browser. Below is an unmodified version of the player which may work for you if the player on the main site doesn't. If you are using an old browser that doesn'tsupport HTML5 then you probably have issues with a lot of websites, some alternative options for listening to PDL are listed below for you to try.

Direct Stream URL's

If your player has an 'open url' or 'open network stream' feature, then you probably want one of the following url's. You can also use these to add PDL to Sonos, follow this guide using one of the streaming URL's below. Try the ssl links first, you may need to use the non-ssl version for older players...

192kbps (ssl):https://pdlive.net:8443/pdlive192
128kbps (ssl):https://pdlive.net:8443/pdlive128
192kbps (non-ssl):http://pdlive.net:8000/pdlive192
128kbps (non-ssl):http://pdlive.net:8000/pdlive128

Playlist Files

These files usually work in most media players. A lot of modern players will be able to use the direct links above, but some will need a playlist file. Click the links below to download one then open it in your chosern player. You will probably find that the default media player on your phone can open a playlist file. The non-ssl playlists will only be needed by older media players...

Other Apps & Players

Responsive imageOnline Radio Box has apps for Android and iOS. Search for PDLive.net.
Responsive imagemyTuner Radio has apps available for Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa, Google Chromecast, Sonos, Apple TV, Android TV, LG SMART TV, Samsung SMART TV and Roku TV. Search for PDLive.net.
Responsive imageTry saying... "Alexa, ask My Tuner Radio to play P D live dot net."
Responsive imageIf you have a SMART Internet radio then there's a good chance that it uses the Frontier Nuvola directory. Try searching for PDLive.net.