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We are a non-profit site ran by a community of DJ's playing house, deep house, tech house, hard house, trance, techno, garage, speed garage and drum & bass. We are all about the music so we do not have MC's and while some of our live shows are presented, other DJ's just let the music roll.

We hope you enjoy your stay and if you want to interact with the PDLive.net family then sign up a free account and join our chatroom below. We are friendly, we do not judge and we never bite. We are just a community of like minded people with a mutual love for good dance music.


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We are always looking for new quality DJ's. Our schedule is flexible, you can book a single slot from the DJ page whenever it suits you. This means there is no pressure to commit to a weekly show, you only play when you want to. You will stream your shows using your own equipment at home and our admin team will help you get set up if you need it. You can present your show using a microphone if you like, or you are welcome to host a music only show and just interact with the listeners in the chatroom. You will have access to listener statistics so that you can see how well your shows are performing. We welcome international DJ's from all over the globe, but we ask that if you are presenting your show then you can do so in English.

If you want to join or you just want more information then e-mail us at info@pdlive.net and our admin team will be in touch.